The already influential Italian singer Andrea Bocche has released a new song and besides just song has given the video "Ben Vive, Ben Muore" to the audience, too. Released on August 10, the piece is available on all leading digital music streaming platforms. Press here to listen online >>

Andrea Bocche is a singer and songwriter who mainly creates and focuses on R&B and pop music. He creates songs that reflect several artistic forms. Spiritual and energetic - these are just two words that could describe the music created by Andrea Bocche.

Although all of his compositions in the musician's discography includes lyrics using ancient Roman sayings. He started his collaboration with Black Sea Records Ltd. on June 2021 and as fast as August 16, 2021 the whole album, containing beautiful Italian songs where published.

His album includes such compositions as “L'amore È Cieco”, “L'a Amore Vince Sempre”, “O La Va O La Spaca” and othrs. It is believed that very soon new compositions from a talented foreign artist will be waiting for us. He already considers himself a music veteran, because his experience in this field is really huge!

On the Spotify platform, the musician approaches the mark of 10 thousand loyal listeners every month. This is a significant step towards success. Put the hat off to the musician! This alone proves that his music is high quality and you should hear it too! He has very loyal listeners and they can't wait for the musician to release new songs. It also motivates the singer! We also can't expect a piece with other artists from Andrea Bocche. That would be an unexpected and pleasant surprise, wouldn't it?

We offer you to listen to the song "Ben Vive, Ben Muore", which is a composition by Andrea Bocche. We also invite you to follow the musician's social networks profiles. For example, a link has been added to the link that will take you to his momenters profile. Don't be shy - go and watch it! It will only take you a few seconds and will not cost you anything, but it will give him an indescribable incentive to create new and high-quality music! Let's support the new talent together!