On August 1, music performer Andrea Bocche came out with a surprise, giving his debut single "L'amore È Cieco" to all Italian music lovers. This incredible summer love song is now available on all leading digital music streaming platforms.

Not much information is available about the young musician. All that is known is that he comes from Italy, Rome and that he has indescribably great talent and potential. This is a case where the music speaks louder than the words and so you have to listen to his music!

If the musician is able to play his cards correctly, then he is definitely waiting not only for the big concert and festival stages, but also for the tops of music charts and immeasurable fame. All you have to do is stop and continue to delight your listeners with new compositions. His music is unique and we must all put our finger to help the world hear this talented voice! So far we know we could see him 99% on the stage of Liberland’s festival Floating Man 2022! Anyways we looking forward for Andrea Bocche to perform BIG one day as his voice deserves more than 10,000 people auditory!

We offer you to listen to Andrea Bocche song “L'amore È Cieco”. We also invite you to follow the musician's social network profiles. Don't be shy - go and watch it! It will only take you a short time and will not cost you anything, but it will give the musician an indescribably great incentive to continue creating and publishing new music. Let's support the new talent together!